It is common for travelers to experience anxiety when traveling abroad to non-English speaking countries, particularly when exploring countries that have a different alphabet. As a professional and experienced travel advisor, we are here to save you time, reduce your stress, and offer you a hassle-free and curated travel experience in Japan.

What We Offer


We work through a consultative process to understand what you hope to experience through your travels in Japan and then design and book customized itineraries. This includes family travel, honeymoons/anniversaries, solo travel around Japan trips, adventure travel, wellness travel and more.

How We Work


Surprise Holiday is the perfect way to make a special occasion even more memorable. Whether it's a marriage proposal, anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, or other special occasions, we can help you plan the perfect surprise holiday. We will work with you to create an itinerary that is tailored to your needs and preferences. From accommodation and transport to activities and entertainment, we can make your surprise holiday an experience that you'll never forget.

How We Work


Ready for your trip to Japan?
Let us help you plan everything.



In this stage, we will learn about when would you like to travel to Japan, your interests, and your preferences. Then we will discuss the client's budget for their trip, how we will move forward and review our professional fee which vary with the type of travel planning/booking undertaken.



Non-refundable trip planning fee. In this stage, we will use our travel expertise, knowledge, and contact our connections to create a curated travel experience for you. We will also do our best for our clients to take advantage of exclusive benefits and perks that you cannot avail by your own.



After we curate travel plans, We will provide your customized itinerary well-detailed with the important points of your travel. We will also inform the accommodation and restaurant about your arrival so they can prepare your special request and get ready to welcome you.



By this time you will seize the moment and enjoy your vacation in Japan. Don’t get panic in case you encounter the language barrier, we are here to help you to overcome it.



We will appreciate it if you will share your experience with us. We also invite you to give us feedback.

Our Professional Fees

$ 150

Includes the Overall bespoke Travel Design and Trip Planning services. The travel design fee varies based on the length and complexity of the trip and starts at $ 150 per adult for up to 5 days of travel.

Travel Design Fee, means bespoke travel design, planning, and advice on destinations, accommodations, dining, transportation, activities, and experiences in Japan.

*Please note that Travel Design Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • To acknowledge our time and effort put into planning one-of-a-kind experiences for you, we charge an Upfront Trip Planning Fee. As a travel advisor, our clients benefit from our dedicated time as consultants and our expertise as travel planners.
  • Our fees are for Overall Travel Design and Trip Planning. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Full payment of the Trip Planning Fees must be settled before any services can be rendered.
  • The travel design fee covers the discussion of your trip dreams and expectations, and the time spent researching, developing, and providing up to three revisions of the proposal to create the perfect customized itinerary.
  • This track is curated for leisure travelers interested in any of our luxury travel design plans.
  • For trips longer than 5 days additional planning fees may apply.
  • 50% discount for Children (2~12 years old). Infants 0~2 years old are free.
  • Late Booking: A supplementary charge of $100 will apply to Travel Designs requested within 45 days of the scheduled departure date.
  • Note that for common destinations, we partner with higher-end luxury hotels that generally run from $500-$1,500+ per night per room. This means we typically work with budgets of $1,000+ per day for full itinerary planning (more for larger families or when multiple rooms are needed).
  • We strive to provide net, transparent pricing whenever possible, ensuring our clients are fully informed about the components of their trip cost.
  • Your customized itinerary will be sent to you via email address provided no later than 1 week after your request has been made. Changes after the initial proposal of the customized itinerary will incur a new travel design fee.

By Service Fee


International flight: USD 50/ ticket
Domestic flight: USD 30/ ticket

Should you wish to have booking assistance with your international flight travel arrangements to Japan, Our travel advisors are available to provide assistance with every step of the booking process. We also arrange domestic flights within Japan, making it easier for you to get from one destination to the next.


(No Research)
USD 20 per room

Our travel advisor is here to assist you in booking exclusive accommodation for your trip. We understand that Japan has thousands of accommodation options and not all of them are available in English, so we are here to help you secure luxury accommodation for your stay and ensure you experience Japanese hospitality.


USD 30 per booking
USD 250 unlimited per trip

Our Concierge Service is designed to make your stay in Japan as hassle-free as possible. We will provide you with assistance in English and Japanese. Concierge Service Fee covers the booking of local restaurants, rental cars, taxis, trains, spas, guided tours, entertainment, events, and other professional services in Japan, both prior to and during your trip.

Cancellations & Service Fees Policy

  • Upfront Service Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Fees will apply regardless you decide to take/book the trip/services or not.
  • Full payment of the Service Fees must be settled before any services can be rendered. Please use the Credit Card Authorization Form section to fill out the details of your credit card.
  • Changes and Cancellations: We understand that your plans may change, however, due to the work done in advance to secure reservations and VIP status prior to your trip, we reserve the right to charge a $50 fee for changes or cancellations.
  • Service Fees are subject to change at any moment, without the need for prior notice.
  • Asatsuyu Japan Luxury Travel is not responsible for, nor accepts any liability arising out of any schedule changes implemented by an airline that may impact you, your onward travel, or arrangements consequent on your flights.
  • Please note that the hotel booking service is designed for reserving only one (1) room stays. For multi-room stays, and more elaborate trips, please contact us directly.
  • Concierge Fee is for booking and managing all components, and support while traveling. Access to the service is restricted to the paying client.

Ready for your trip to Japan?
Let us help you plan everything.

Every itinerary we design is tailored exclusively for you. Our goal is to craft a one-of-a-kind experience that aligns perfectly with your preferences and desires. To discover more about our personalized offerings, reach out to one of our expert travel advisors.

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